Android L (5.0) for Nexus 5 released public


Last wednesday, Google has released most awaited Android L (5.0) for Nexus 5 Device over WiFi. We have waited and checked the product for 4 days before writing this post.
Here are some of the screenshots captured from device.

If you have Nexus Device, you can also check for software updates using Setting > About Phone > Software Update.

1_Quick_Setting_2014-11-23-18-09-32 2_QuickSetting_MultiUser_2014-11-23-18-13-07 3_RunningTasks_2014-11-23-18-15-11


4_About_Phone_2014-11-23-18-08-01 5_DefaultLauncher_2014-11-23-18-08-35 7_ShareScreen_2014-11-23-18-16-32

Screenshot_2014-11-23-18-30-03 Screenshot_2014-11-23-18-29-39 6_Dialer_2014-11-23-18-09-07

























These screens are aligned from Quick Setting, Add User Setting, Task View, Settings > About Phone, Menu, Dialer Preview, Share Screen, Incoming call while accessing other applications, and New Call screen.

We have also noticed, that upon adding new Account, you will be allocated new space. This may cause most advantages to run two User IDs in single phone for applications like Facebook and WhatsApp. We will explore and write more on this topic later.
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