Once again, continuing Microsoft Excel series, I am going to tell you one more useful trick if you are working in office and use Excel for your work.


You need to print data that is feeded in  Excel several times, but when data is larger, more than a page at printout, you need to print headers in top of the page. Or you need to print Column fixed in your printout. Earlier we have learnt how to fix columns in excel sheet and rows in excel sheet in previous posts.
Take a look at screenshots below, While we are looking in Print Preview, first page is showing header information in top but while in next page, there is no information, It is hard to know which column is it,


Lets move to process directly without loosing time. Look at file we are working with.

  1. Click on Page Layout tab.
  2. Click on Print Titles command.
  3. You will get Page Setup dialogue box open with Sheet tab.


  4. Now Enter the Row numbers followed by Dollar sign ($) in Rows to repeat at top box, you can select using link button in box.
  5. Click OK to apply settings.
Now look at the Print Preview once again.

Ok, its what you required.
Thanks for reading. If you find this post useful, do share and provide feedback.
+John Bhatt 

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