CSS – Cascaded Style Sheet : Part 2 (Selectors)

Hi,In my previous article, I have written about Introduction of CSS and its basics. In continuation of CSS Tutorial series, this post will help you learning about SELECTOR. We will discuss here for beginners so that they can get maximum and understand the basic difference of their types.


In a embedded or External style sheet, the target element is not fix. Basically we write CSS in embedded or External mode so that we can re-use it when required and can modify whole look of page or website by modifying CSS file only. For using multiple CSS values and properties, we need Identifiers which are called Selector in CSS. Just as In case of C we write a function and use it anywhere, the SELECTOR are same. You will understand more by its example. As per CSS Rule, Selector are divided in three types.

HTML Selector:

HTML Selector are part of HTML Tags. They need not to be used at HTML/XHTML syntax. In short we can define style sheet for any of the markup tags which is used in document but we can not create our own selector of this kind.

Class Selector:

Class selector are selectors which need to be used  with class tag in HTML or similar tag in various language. These start with period/dot (.) symbol. These can be used unlimited times in documents and need to be defined each time for markup syntax. You are free to choose name of selector.



ID Selector are based upon ID of element. These are initialized with Pound or Hash (#) sign. These can be used only once in a document as the ID of attribute must be unique as per document markup standard. These need not be assigned with attribute but remember, the ID of document element should be same as ID defined in selector. They typography case (lowercase/uppercase) is sensitive here.





For you, here is the complete code of HTML Page which is as shown in above screenshot.

Thanks for reading. I will be back with another article in CSS series. Your suggestions or feedback are expected and play great role in our development. Keep reading, writing & sharing.
John Bhatt

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