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It has been a long time since we posted any Microsoft Office article. Here we go with Microsoft Outlook. Our task today is To Change the display style of Unread Mail. By default, Microsoft Outlook shows unread message in bold Text or with different color based on Outlook Version.I am using Microsoft Outlook 2013 (MS-Office version 15.0.xx) in this tutorial. Below is our Expected Result. Above is the default view in Microsoft Outlook 2013 and below is the modified view for Unread Messages. We can follow the same steps to customize formatting styles for different conditions.

microsoft outlook


Step -1 : Click on View Pane, Choose View Settings from Current View section. You can do this directly clicking in Column Headers.

microsoft outlook

Step -2 : You will get following screen. Choose Conditional Formatting. This is Conditional Formatting window where we change default Rule for selected view. We have selected Unread Message in above case. Then Click on Fonts Button to proceed next. You can also Add new Rule to rule list.

microsoft outlook

Step -3 : Now change the Font Name, Color, Style, Effect, Size etc from Font Wizard screen. Have a look at below screen.

microsoft outlook

Ok, you have made the required changes, Restart Microsoft Office Outlook to reflect changes. Your new unread mails will be displayed with new formatting.

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