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Xamarin Live Player – iOS and iPhone apps now can be compiled without Mac

by John Bhatt

With the introduction of Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft has made developing Mobile Applications easy like never ever. With the help of Visual Studio 2017, we can create Cross Platform Mobile Application using the same code and same manpower seamlessly using C# programming language at backend and XAML on front-end.

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Today, On Microsoft Build 2017, Microsoft has announced Xamarin Live Player. This is a Mobile Application available on Apple App Store and Google Android Play. By pairing this application, you can directly run your application on iPhone without requiring a local or network Mac machine while using Visual Studio on PC.

How to Pair Xamarin Live Player and Visual Studio 2017?

  1. You need to download latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, that is version preview 15.3 for now.
  2. Your mobile device and PC should be on same network (same WiFi connection).
  3. Choose Live Player in the Device List.
  4. This will bring you a screen where you have to scan a QR code from your mobile device or enter a code generated by mobile application in Visual Studio.

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Where to Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Preview?

To paid with Xamarin Live Player download Visual Studio 2017 Preview 15.3 from Visual Studio Pre-release Page.

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