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by John Bhatt
This is all in one page containing, disclaimer, privacy policy and other pages (copyright, legal etc) that websites generally have.


  1. This blog is powered by self hosted WordPress. WordPress is a free blogging platform by Automattic Inc (WordPress.org).
  2. I am little poor in English. However, precautions are taken, Grammar mistakes might be present on posts. Please try to understand theme of article instead of thinking about grammar and sentence.
  3. Designs (Known as Themes in WordPress), might be changed at any time and are customized versions of many freely available themes over internet. I add many features that lack (must have) in those themes and customize them to fit your requirement.
  4. None of posts posted here are copied from any source. If you found, please contact me using any contact option available on this blog and my website. You can also drop me a mail if you found any copied material here at john @ johnbhatt .com .
  5. Codes are mostly similar, some parts of code might match with other available code on Internet, but this will not called Copied. All these are published after testing on authors machine.
  6. If you find some piece of article from other link and that is not referenced here, please contact using Declaration no. 4. But if that content is published with Quotations and with your link, that will not called violation of Copyright in any manner, however if you want your lines removed, you may  contact.
  7. Subscription system is completely powered by Feedburner, which is now part of Google, your email is secure and will not be sold or distributed to other by any of us.
  8. Advertisements are for monetizations and not for annoying visitors. So, please do not click unwanted or irrelevant ad.
  9. If you found any of our tutorials helpful and want to link in your blog, you are welcome, but copying entire post is not allowed in any condition. This will be treated as Copyright violation and subject to punishment under cyber law at your locale.
  10. Our Advertising partner Google and Media.net uses Cookies for better user experience and may store some cookies in your memory and/or storage. For Google’s Advertising privacy policy click here.
  11. Google Analytics collects some personal information like your IP Address, Operating System, Browser name and versions, Location based on ISP for tracking purpose. This is done for getting interest of our visitors and what they want so we can customize our posts and serve you in better. Data is not shared or distributed to any person, some data may be available for advertising in our website which contain nothing personal information.
  12. There might be links to external websites for reference of content taken or other useful information. We are not responsible and liable of content available on that page. However we personally check before publishing any link but as being dynamic behavior of internet, contact may change which is beyond our control.
  13. Simplicity, no one can be as simple we are. We write code, article and other posts in plain and understandable language that help you to understand and get the even a each line of code. If you have any doubt, read any post here. Reason behind this is not that we do not know the complex or shorter method, but we choose longer but a permanent and safest way. Promising once you read, will will never forget what you learn here.
  14. All the products names used in our website might be Trade Marks of respective owner. We do not have any affiliation with any of them. We just use them to make it more clear and understand.
  15. Some images available in articles might be mooded from internet. In case of copyrighted images, we have mentioned source along with image and did not modified while that might be hosted with us to save bandwidth of remote server and to save from being penalized for hot-linking other’s content.
  16. Policies might change without prior notice.