How to Shut Down Windows 10? 3 methods to turn off Windows 10



Lets talk something about Windows 10. Windows 10 is all set to release on 29th July 2015. Currently Microsoft is rolling out Insider Preview to the Windows testers around world in different language. Now we can see almost finished Windows 10 Preview. As Windows has removed Start Button in Windows 8 and later introduced in Windows 8.1, the same button is still available but the menu has been changed. The Windows 8 Start screen (also called metro menu) has been revamped in designing part and been a special one making some frequent feature few clicks/taps away.

How to shut down Windows 10?

This is the screenshot of menu in Windows 10 Preview Build 10130.

Windows 10 Start Menu


Now as you can see, there is no Turn off Computer or Shut Down button. This looks like some Web Page with live tiles except task bar in bottom.

We have three most popular ways to shut down computer. Lets get them point by point.

Method 1: From Windows 10 Menu

  1. Click on Menu button or Press Windows key in your keyboard to Open Windows 10 menu as in above screen.
  2. Click on the Navicon (three horizontal lines for menu) in top left corner. Windows10Navicon
  3. You will now see the new Panel sliding from left side and see a Power button in second last option.Windows10MenuExpanded
  4. Click on Power and choose Shut Down.Windows10ShutDown

Method 2: Windows 10 Start Button and Right Click

Previous Windows Operating System version like Windows XP and Windows 7 used to show Properties while right-clicked in Start button with mouse, but Windows 8 changed the course, specially Windows Blue or Windows 8.1 had included new list of shortcuts in Right Click (context menu) in Start button.

  1. This is second shortest method to shut down. You can simply shut down your Windows 10 PC with two clicks.Windows10ContextMenu
  2. Just Right Click on Start Button in left bottom corner (residing by default) and you will see Shut Down or Sign Out option, When you hover over the option, you will see option to shut down your PC.

Method 3: Alt + F4

Who don’t know this? This is the quickest and easiest method to shut down your PC safely. Just make a Key combination of Alt and F4, you will get a pop up. select and click OK or press Enter (return key).

  1. Just press Alt + F4 key in Keyboard. Press Alt and then F4 while keeping Alt pressed. Windows10OSK
  2. Now you will see the Pop-up. Just choose your option and click OK.Windows10AltF4

This article is about How to Shut Down Windows 10 PC. In this article Method 1 is applicable only on Windows 10 Operating System. Method 2 can be used with Windows 8.1 or higher. And Method 3 is applicable for all Windows OS versions available till date. In future we might be able to see Cortana doing these stuffs for you but currently, Cortana is only able to Open Apps and Settings, Make a Search, Create Calendar Entries, Create Tasks, Send Messages and some basic stuffs.

Hope you enjoyed reading, see you soon.


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