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Danial Bryan Retirement

#Yes Man Daniel Bryan retired from wrestling

by John Bhatt


After a long time, we have a sad news to share for WWE wrestling fans.

WWE’s magical superstar and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has announced retirement from wrestling.

Quick Look at Daniel Bryan’s Career

The leader of Yes! movement, Daniel Bryan has short but most successful career with WWE. After returning to WWE on 2010 from independent circuit and various Japanese promotions.

Joining Nexus in NXT first season, then returning to Summerslam and feud with Miz, making to RAW roaster and never look back again.

Notably he has accomplished more than any superstar in the 5-6 years period on WWE.

Daniel Bryan Retirement

Daniel Bryan is a very talented superstar with multiple reigns of United States Championships, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team Championship and Intercontinental Championship.

Once Teaming with Kane for winning tag team championship and feud with Miz and CM Punk gave him immortal matches. Also he has wrestled in the main event of Wrestlemania.

This makes him a WWE Triple Crown Champion having won all three major titles.

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#Yes Man Daniel Bryan retired from wrestling

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